How to Stay Cool While Working from Home

Daily life has changed very quickly over the last couple of months, with many of our normal routines changing completely as we worked from home to stop the spread of Covid-19. While many things have started to return in recent weeks in BC, many of us are still working from home offices and will continue to do so for the next few months.

While working from home shortens the morning commute quite considerably, it is not without its challenges. As we face into the summer months, one of the key challenges will be staying cool on those (hopefully many!) hot summer days. Below are some options you can consider if you want to stay cool while working from home this summer.

Central Heat Pump

One of the most popular choices in Vancouver, this cooling system is perfect for those with a central ducting system. This system features efficient heating and cooling in a single unit. While initial costs for this system are high, they work extremely well for those with a ducting system already in their home as they provide comfort and convenience. They are also very non-obtrusive in your home as they don’t take up any floor space.

Mini- Split System

The mini-split system works by having an indoor and outdoor unit. It works by taking in warm air and pushing out cold air. This system is well suited to houses that don’t have a ducting system already in place as they are far easier to install. They are also the most energy efficient air conditioner unit available. The mini-split system also has the added advantage of also being a heating system that can warm your home during cold weather.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are the cheapest option when it comes to heating a single room. However, the cheapest options comes at a cost as these units are are also quite loud as well as being slow and inefficient. While they may seem like the best option in the short term, they can prove inefficient and obtrusive for those looking for a quiet system whilst working from home.

Cassette Air Conditioner

AC cassette systems are ideal for those who want air conditioning but don’t want to disrupt the décor in their room. These silent units are perfectly suited for larger rooms and can evenly distribute cold or warm air throughout the room. While these units are costly, they provide a long-term elegant solution for keeping your home cool in the summer.

There are a number of different ways to keep your home cool this summer. If you are working from home and want to do so in comfort, please contact Milani today for a free estimate on our central, mini-split and cassette air conditioner options.

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