Trenchless Pipe Repair

We take care of pipe repairs beneath your yard without destroying it. We know you’ve got a great lawn. We know the last thing you need is some fly-by-night plumber tearing it to shreds. That’s why Milani offers trenchless pipe repair service for:

  • Water Main Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Drain Tile

Whatever pipe you need to replace, we have you covered. We can take the inconvenience out of the whole ordeal and get it done fast.

What is Trenchless Repiping?

Milani uses trenchless pipe repair to ensure your water or sewer lines are repaired without disrupting the rest of the property. Trenchless repiping is a method whereby your pipes are repaired without having to dig up the entire area where the pipes are located. This is usually done by using a pipe pull technique which pulls the old pipe out and pulls through the new pipe with a pointed installation head.

Some of the advantages of trenchless repiping include:

  • Can usually be performed within a day
  • Prevents damage to lawns, gardens, and patios.
  • Less expensive than traditional methods

Not sure if you need to repair or replace your drainage system? Our drainage experts can perform camera inspections on your water or sewer lines to see what needs to be fixed or removed.

By using the expert drainage team at Milani, you can be sure your property faces as little disruption as possible. If you have questions about what you need to do to get your water or sewer lines working at full capacity, give us a call today to have get a FREE estimate for your home or business.

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