4 Ways to Improve Your Water Quality

Water is as important as it is ubiquitous. From your morning shower to that cup of coffee each morning, clean water is vital to your health and standard of living. Every home and building you walk into will have a water supply to keep their drainage and plumbing running smoothly. For this reason, ensuring that your H20 is of a high standard is paramount.

Replacing Your Old Faucets

Faucets need to be replaced once they start to deposit minerals or begin to show any signs of rust. Generally, old faucets should be replaced after 15 years or once they show any of these signs. Replacing your old filter need not be a big task however. Faucets can be replaced by homeowners or if you prefer, Milani offer high quality bathroom and kitchen faucets as well as qualified plumbers who can install them quickly and effectively.

Check for Potential Lead Sources

Lead can enter your water supply if your pipes or fixtures begin to corrode. This most commonly occurs when the water is quite acidic or if there is low mineral content. One easy way to reduce the chances of lead contamination is to “flush” your water for a few minutes before using it to remove any stagnant water which may have accumulated. The most comprehensive way to remove any lead sources is to have a qualified technician remove any pipes which have sources of lead. While expensive, this safeguards you and your family from any lead contamination in the future.

Water Filtration

Using a water filter is one of the main ways that can help remove metals, bacteria or any other contaminants which may be in your water supply. If you already have a filter, make sure that you clean it regularly to ensure that it works effectively. If you don’t have a water filter, we highly recommend getting one installed to improve the quality of your water. At Milani, our trusted experts can install a water filter that will give you confidence and peace of mind in your water quality.

Drain Your Water Heater

Your water heater powers a huge amount of your daily tasks, from your shower to the hot water on your faucet. However, over time your water heater can start to build up sediment from minerals that collect at the bottom. This can reduce the efficiency of your unit and can lead to a shock when your warm shower turns into a brisk experience! Alongside that, your water will be cleaner and will have less mineral sediment in your hot water after draining. If you’re unsure of how to drain your water heater, then get in touch today (https://milanivicprod.wpengine.com/contact/) to have one of our qualified technicians drain your water.





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