What is Commercial Rooftop Heating?

Milani Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning installs and services industry-leading rooftop heating units, including high-quality brands like Lennox, Engineered Air, and Carrier.

Rooftop heating is a package system installed on the roof of a business or large building. These units are designed to provide efficient single or multi-zone heating, cooling and ventilation for commercial businesses and are common throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

How Rooftop Units Work:

  1. First, the air returns from the space, passing back to the packaged rooftop unit. Outdoor air is sometimes also brought into the unit and mixed with the return air in order to produce fresher air flowing back.
  2. From here the air moves through a rack of filters, continuing on to the cooling coil that chills the air by running it over the cold refrigerant. The refrigerant is cooled with a standard refrigeration cycle. 
  3. The air will then flow through both the blower, leaving it conditioned and ready to be delivered. Some units have small heating elements near the blowers to further adjust the humidity of the air.
  4. In packaged rooftop units, there is typically a clear and insulated divide in the unit between the evaporator coils that cool the return air and the condenser coils and compressor rejecting heat to the atmosphere.

What Are the Advantages of a Rooftop Unit?

  • High energy performance. Usually, these types of systems have a variety of controls that gives you more precise temperature control and reduce energy use. 
  • Air quality advantages. In case you decide to install a humidistat, for example, you can also control the humidity of the place.  The system naturally adds other ventilation options, allowing you to always have fresh air within your site.
  • Easy maintenance. The units of rooftop heating are easy to access and work with. 
  • Saves space. Since the entire system is placed on the roof, you save space and can optimize space that can be used for extra storage and workplaces. 

Still don’t know if a rooftop unit is the best heating option for your building? Contact us! We have a team of Milani certified specialists that can help you define the best solution for you and your business! 

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