What Causes Low Water Pressure?

It is unfortunate that most people do not think about their plumbing systems until they have a problem with them. A common problem is low water pressure, and there are many things that may cause such a situation. Although some people simply opt to live with low pressure, lack of water pressure could be a sign of a larger problem within the system.

In many cases, low water pressure is caused by the size of the pipes within the home. Many older homes were built with half inch pipes instead of the more modern one inch versions of today. The smaller the pipes, the less water pressure you will have. While this is not a serious problem, if you would like increased pressure, you may want to invest in hiring a plumber to upgrade your system.

In some cases, the problem may lie within the shut-off valves. All of the shut-off valves in the system, including the one coming from the water meter, must be all the way open before you can have high water pressure. If your water meter is sealed, you will have to call your water supplier to fix it.

However, if you can get to the water meter, you can check it yourself. Since many of them require specialized tools though, you will want to call a plumber, as the valve can be easily damaged by inexperienced persons. An excellent rule is that whenever you are in doubt, you should call a professional to handle the problem. Many people simply make their problems worse when they try to fix them on their own.

If your pipes are of the proper size and the valves are all open, but you still have low water pressure, there may be a problem with your pipes. In this case, you should have a plumber inspect your pipes for any leaks or breaks along the lines. Leaks, breaks and blockages can all create low water pressure in homes. They can also create high water bills. Thus, if your water bill is unusually high, this could be your problem.

People should never ignore low water pressure. While it could simply mean that you have outdated pipes, it could also signify a much more serious problem. Leaks can not only create high water bills, but they can also cause significant damage to such things as flooring and walls. Hiring a plumber today can mean the difference between routine maintenance and emergency plumbing repairs later.

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