Warning Signs of a Broken Furnace

Regular maintenance and evaluation of the condition of a home’s furnace is essential to discovering problems before they affect the ability to safely and efficiently heat your home. There are certain noticeable signs homeowners can recognize that indicate a problem with the furnace and its capacity to properly function. These indications include changes in air quality or humidity, lack of consistent heating, frequent small repairs or a flickering flame on the equipment. Given that a faulty furnace in need of repair or replacement has the potential to distribute carbon monoxide gas throughout the home, it is imperative for the health and well-being of all residents to minimize the risk of poisoning.

Replacing the air filter on a furnace should be performed annually prior to a cold weather season. Clearing all indoor and outdoor obstructions ensures that heat can flow and evenly distribute throughout the home. If proper preparations are done for the heating season and warning signs are still evident it may be time to replace the furnace.

An efficient heating system will conserve energy, reach and regulate desired temperature levels and operate with minimal noise. The majority of furnaces on the market are expected to last approximately 16-20 years. Homeowners need to be aware of the age of their furnace in order to plan for its replacement before it breaks in the middle of winter. Monitoring electric or gas bills also provides an important warning sign as the amount of time required for a furnace to heat increases as it ages and becomes less efficient.

Older furnaces begin to rattle or bang as they need to be replaced and the blower may cycle on and off frequently. The burner flame of a working furnace is blue and if a flickering or yellow flame is noted the cause may be an excessive amount of carbon monoxide leaking, a situation that can cause dangerous circumstances for the health of those living in the home. When one or multiple warning signs are present it is time to research replacements currently available on the market to continue living comfortably during the winter months. Although a furnace is a costly investment, the energy savings and elimination of repair fees helps homeowners save on heating expenses in the future.

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