Spring Maintenance Tips For Outside the House

Harsh winter weather can take its toll on a home, so the warmth of spring is a great opportunity to whip the place back into shape. Finding time now to do some maintenance on the outside of your home can save a lot more time, trouble and expense down the road, as well as helping retain resale value. Below are some tips to keep your home in good repair.

On The House:

» Take a trip to the roof to check for damage. Look for loose, damaged, or missing shingles, as well as any other spots that look suspect. If you have a roof that is not shingled (e.g., sheet metal), look for visible signs of damage. Replace shingles, patch holes, and make other repairs as needed. Consider having a new roof installed if damage is extensive.

» Inspect roof fascia and trim for rotting, damage or deterioration.

» Clean out your roof gutters. The combination of the autumn leaves and winter ice can leave them clogged and unable to properly drain. You may also find that the forces of nature have caused some breakage, so repair and/or replace any pieces that need it.

» Carefully examine the seals on your windows, doors, and any protruding vents. (Reminder: when was the last time you took a look at your dryer vent?) Apply new sealant to any holes or over any spots where the sealant looks like it is brittle or degraded.


Around The House:

» Trim any trees, branches or shrubs that touch the house or are beginning to dangerously encroach. Be sure to look up; winter storms may have damaged some high branches, creating a situation where roof damage is just waiting to happen. Clean up any wood debris left in the yard, as these can attract termites.

» When setting up your sprinklers on the lawn, aim them away from the house. Water around the foundation can cause flooding and attract termites.

» Repair any cracks, holes or loose material in your driveway. This keeps loose asphalt and gravel from getting dragged inside and damaging floors. It also extends the life of your automobile.

This may seem like a lot of work, but putting in this bit of effort up front will save you plenty more work (and expense) in the future. Plus, once you’re done, you get to put your feet up, enjoy the warm spring weather, and wait for summer to come.

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