Milani Is an Essential Service

Cities across the globe continue to tighten and increase quarantine measures in an attempt to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. One method administrations have been using is, encouraging and/or enforcing the shutdown of non-essential services and businesses. But what does that really mean, and what defines an ‘essential’ service?

The Importance of Plumbers                                     

Places like hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies, typically jump to mind as essential. The brave employees of these professions are the faces at the forefront of this battle and are undoubtedly important to our society. But what other services are critical to public life, health and personal safety? Many other essential services and service workers regularly go unseen in the background of our society and now.

One example is plumbing, heating, and drainage technicians. Clean water, proper drainage, heat and clean air are all necessities for any home and/or building. Although their work is often unseen and behind the walls or underground, proper plumbing, heating, ventilation and drainage are imperative in keeping people comfortable and safe in their home. As individuals are being encouraged to stay home, more stress is being put onto heating systems, pipes behind the walls and the drain tiles below your floors. As a result, it has become increasingly important to properly maintain and repair these items to ensure you are comfortable in your home as well as upkeep the proper sanitary measures for your own personal hygiene and sterility in your home.

We Take Your Plumbing Seriously

Here at Milani we understand the responsibility that goes along with being an essential service and intend to uphold that in every way we can. We continue to lead and practice social distancing with staff, set a mandatory precedent for self-isolation for anyone ill or exhibiting symptoms, and diligently encourage consistent hand washing. For our outside technicians, we provide disposable gloves and booties and promote frequent cleaning of all tools. However, with this being said, we ask our clients to understand the importance of practicing appropriate social distancing with these technicians as they do with you. Our goal is to keep each and every one of our customers, inside staff and outside technicians as safe as possible safe during this unprecedent time.

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