Lead In Water, What Now?

Vancouver residents may have heard about the issue all over the country regarding lead found in tap water. While the government is trying different ways to try to solve this problem, we may help you with a few tips on what to do.

At Milani, we’re proud to be servicing businesses and family homes for more than 60 years and there’s nothing that makes us happier than a satisfied customer. Here are a few facts you may consider when dealing with this issue:

1.      Check your pipes at home: lead pipes would usually have a dull grey colour. And if you scratch it with a key, it would usually leave a shiny mark. If you discover your home has lead pipes, consider replacing them to ensure your water quality is top-notch.

2.      Call your city and ask for a water test: To figure out whether you have lead in your water, you can usually start by calling your city to find out about testing, or by reaching out to an independent lab in order to gather a sample. Health Canada currently recommends a limit of five parts per billion (ppb).

3.      Install filters: Filters can be the easiest and most cost-effective solution to getting lead out of the water if they are certified under the NSF 53 or 58 standards. The certified filters can either be inserted into pitchers or installed on taps that are used to drink water.

4.      Don’t boil your water! When you boil the water, it increases the concentration of lead. Preferably use cold water.

5.      Call an expert: if you’re not comfortable checking your pipes, contact us. We can send an expert to take a look and advise what is best for you in case they are compromised.

For more details, check out the Global News website.
Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/6132334/lead-tap-water-canada-what-to-do/?utm_source=site_banner

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