Is There REALLY Such a Thing as Plumbing Maintenance?

Because it is so specialized and can lead to big messes if handled improperly, plumbing is sometimes neglected among routine areas of maintenancein your home. This is a mistake, however, as there are some routine tasks that should be performed on plumbing systems, such as:

» Remove rust, calcium and lime deposits from the water heater

» Cleaning the aerators

» Clearing drain lines

» Sharpening disposal blades


Some of these are simpler than others, but for the most part, unless you are a very savvy homeowner, they should be done by a licensed plumber.
Even if you are not up to doing your own plumbing work, there are still plenty of routine things you can do in order to detect potential problems and see
if further work is needed.

In the Bathroom

» Unscrew the showerhead and look for deposits of lime, calcium, rust and other minerals.

» Run water down shower and tub drains for signs of slow drainage.

» Inspect the shower/tub for cracked tiles, which can be signs of leakage beneath the surface.

» Flush each toilet with the tank lid off to make sure they are flushing properly and all parts are working.

» Examine all caulking for cracks, gaps or peeling.

In the Kitchen

» Turn on the faucets. See if water leaks out of the knobs, handles or elsewhere.

» Have leaky faucets fixed right away.

» Look beneath the sink for signs of leakage from the exposed drain pipes.

Elsewhere around the House

» Take a look at the flame and burner chamber of your water heater. A yellowed flame may mean the fuel jets need to be cleaned. Make sure the chamber
is free of rust and other small debris.

» Inspect the washing machines hoses for loose joints, cracking or holes.

» Look for mold and mildew throughout.


Next Steps

If you find any troublesome issues during this inspection, it is time to call in a professional to get them fixed right away. Doing
this simple walkthrough once to twice a year can help prevent plumbing disasters before they happen.

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