How Much Water Will I Save with a Low Flow Toilet?

The low flow toilet uses only 1.6 gallons of water each and every time it is flushed. Before wide adaptation of the low flow toilet gained popularity in the 1990’s, the average Canadian toilet used 3.5 gallons of water every time it was flushed.

There have been many improvements in these toilets since they were first introduced to Canada in the 1990’s. People were complaining that they had to flush more than once in order to get everything to disappear out of the bowls. Multiple flushing was an irritant and defeated the purpose of the lower water amount, sometimes resulting in even more water being used each time the toilet was used.

Low flow toilets that are being manufactured and sold today have had the necessary design improvements to only require one flushing per use. These improvements have led to the desired water conservation that was originally intended when their use became mandatory. Households and businesses are also seeing the benefit of smaller water and sewer bills because of the low flow toilet.

It is estimated that a household can expect to see approximately $100.00 savings per year by installing and using a low flow toilet instead of the larger, older models. This may not seem like much savings to some but combined with the water volume that it has saved to be used elsewhere, the savings are significant. Each time a low flow toilet is flushed it uses approximately half the water that the older model toilets did. A typical family of four with normal bathroom use habits that are using a low flow toilet can expect to save an average of 25% per year on their water bill and save approximately 50% of their previous toilet water usage.

The exact amount of money and water saved by switching a household or business to the low flow toilet depends on the number of times each toilet is used every day and the number of people using each one. The benefits of using these toilets versus the older models equals saving money, saving water and ultimately helping to save the environment.

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