Attic Insulation: Does it Save You Money?

While you may not spend too much time up in your attic in the winter – or at any time of year for that matter – the conditions up there can end up having a significant impact on the size of your heating bills. Fortunately, if you’re leaking heat out of your attic like crazy, there is something you can do about it. And it won’t even take you a lot of time or cost too much, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run.

So what is it that you can do to magically save so much on your heating bills? Well, the truth is that all you really need to do is insulate your attic properly. Since the attic isn’t typically a space that people occupy often, builders often leave these areas uninsulated. That means that they’re pretty cold in the winter. But if you’re not sitting up there, does it really make any difference?

Absolutely it does. The problem with having an uninsulated attic is that heat rises and so will quickly move to the highest point in your home. This is the attic, of course, and if the attic isn’t insulated, all of that warm air that you’ve been paying to heat will go right out the top of your house. Even if the door to the attic is shut up tight, you will still be losing heat into it.

And if the attic isn’t insulated, chances are that there’s no insulation anywhere above the ceiling of the top floor of your house. With heat continually rising and escaping out of the top of your home, you’ll find that your home heating system has to work much harder to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. And the harder your heating system works, the more you’re paying in energy bills each month.

Fortunately, adding insulation to your attic is relatively easy and won’t cost you much at all. And the savings you start to see immediately on your energy bills will more than make up for the expense of having the insulation installed. Even if your attic does have some insulation in place already, it may be worth checking to make sure it’s still working well. Some types of insulation simply break down over time and you might not be getting anywhere near the protection you thought you were.

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