Furnace Repair & Maintenance

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MILANI 360° Furnace Tune-up

Milani’s professional 360° Furnace Inspection covers every component of your heating equipment to ensure efficient, cost-effective operation and safeguard your family and home.

Our technicians are equipped with precision devices to identify gas leaks and carbon monoxide emissions. Milani 360° Furnace Tune-up service will detect problems on operation safety limits and important components such as the heat exchanger, burners, filter or air cleaners, ignition system and vent conditions. Your Milani heating expert will also provide you with effective solutions to avoid future complications.

Duct and Furnace Cleaning So Vancouver Furnaces Operate More Efficiently

Is your furnace burning money? You can save money with air duct and furnace cleaning in Kelowna. A dirty heating system costs more to operate because the filters have to work harder, damaging your furnace in the long run. Ducts are often clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris. These particles are released into the house from your supply registers and affect both the air quality in your home and the health of sensitive individuals such as allergy sufferers, the elderly and children.

Milani’s experienced technicians are qualified to perform the most efficient furnace cleaning and sanitation procedure to keep your air ducts and furnace free of viruses and bacteria that grow in unsanitized ducts:

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